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  • Janus Face
  • Janus Face

Janus Face
Georg Hornemann for DISTANZ

The goldsmith Georg Hornemann has created a special Janus face in 18-carat gold exclusively for DISTANZ. The word ‘Janus-faced’ is used to describe people whose character or behavior shows two contradictory sides that can’t be reconciled. Georg Hornemann reinterprets the classical theme and replaces its traditional portrayal with two skulls. Janus was the Roman god of beginnings and ends.

Hornemann selected a warm yellow gold in a special 750 alloy for this piece of jewellery. A variation in highly polished white gold is also available. It weighs 40 grams and hangs on a braided AKRIS cord that can be adjusted in length by a golden runner. The cord has massive gold ends, and the whole piece comes in a calf-leather case.

The pendant is only available on the DISTANZ website.

Material750 gold / 18 carat


Price 6000.00 €
incl. tax (392.52 €) and shipping in Germany



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