International Personalities Explain How the New Originates.

The urge for the new has shaped the life of humans ever since primeval times. It is the driving force behind development and creativity, pushing on, revealing what was hitherto undiscovered, and engendering enthusiasm and longing. Yet in the history of society, it has never been as necessary as today, at the beginning of the 21st century, to venture into something new. In face of a worldwide economic crisis, along with ecological, social, ethnic, and cultural problems, it is absolutely essential to change structures of thought and action on all levels. However, it is not easy on people who create something new, for they must overcome obstacles and convince others.

In this book, international key personalities—pragmatic thought leaders who are at the same time hands-on doers—explain how the new emerges, in conversations with the entrepreneur Ulrich Dietz.

Interview partners: Anousheh Ansari (Entrepreneur and spaceflight participant) Antonella Battaglini (scientist, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research), Josh Bernstein (US American explorer and educator), Amar Bhidé (economist, Harvard University), Murat Günak (former head designer with Volkswagen, now developer of hybrid cars), Graham Hawkes (constructor of a deep-sea underwater plane), Edwin Kohl (largest German importer of pharmaceuticals), Claudia Llosa (Peruvian film director, scriptwriter, and producer), Wayne McGregor (numerously awarded British choreographer), Paulus Neef (founder of the German internet agency Pixelpark), Susan Neiman (US American philosopher, director of the Einstein Forum, Potsdam), Lisa Randall (professor of theoretical physics, Harvard University), René Redzepi (award-winning chef at the Copenhagen restaurant Noma), Tobias Rehberger (artist, professor at the Städelschule, Frankfurt/M.), Roberto Stern (jeweler and heir of the jewelry firm H. Stern), Peter Weibel (artist, professor and director of the Centre for Art and Media, Karlsruhe), Alasdhair Willis (British designer, gallerist for exclusive furniture), Ken Yeang (eco-designer, “green” architect)

Ulrich Dietz
Studied mechanical engineering and product engineering. In 1987, he founded the now internationally operating IT group, GFT Technologies AG. Since its IPO in 1999, he has been the company’s Chairman of the Board.

Portrait photographer:
Michael Dannenmann
Studied painting as well as photography at the Kunstakademie Stuttgart. Since 1984 exhibitions in galleries and museums and since 1986 publications and commissioned works for magazines and agencies in Germany and abroad.


  • The new New
  • The new New
  • The new New
  • The new New
  • The new New

EditorUlrich Dietz
LanguageGerman and English, two different editions

21 x 27 cm


220 pages, approx. 170 duplex images, hardcover with linen, silver foil embossing


978-3-942405-07-2 (German edition)

978-3-942405-09-6 (English edition)

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