Concrete Poetry by the Means of Painting

The title “On White” frames the programmatic idea in the work of Julius Heinemann (b. Munich, 1984; lives and works in London and Munich): he leaves traces on white, over white, in white—dashes, marks, colors—concrete traces of graphic and pictorial acts he subsequently overpaints with white in an iterative process, almost obliterating them so that their vestiges eventually form a carefully balanced ensemble. The conceptual point of departure and center of gravity in Julius Heinemann’s approach is the act of drawing and painting as it plays out in the white pictorial surface and the white cube as spaces of physical experience. Heinemann’s works are suspended in a state of indifference—they are neither finished nor unfinished, securely anchored in a position of insecurity. His pictures are assemblies of traces, palimpsests that highlight the perception of reality, of space and time. What they show is not gestural painting, but painting as gesture.

“On White” is the artist’s first monograph, featuring works from the past three years. It includes essays by Richard Wentworth and Oliver Kossack.


  • Julius Heinemann
  • Julius Heinemann
  • Julius Heinemann
  • Julius Heinemann
  • Julius Heinemann
  • Julius Heinemann

EditorNusser & Baumgart, Munich
LanguageGerman / English
Format20 x 27,5 cm

88 pages,

42 color images,




ReleaseJune 2013
Price 24.90 €
incl. tax (1.63 €) and shipping in Germany



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