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Ariel Reichman

The Space Between Here and There

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    16.7 × 23.7 cm
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    242 pages, 181 color images, Hardcover
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    October 2018
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Not Regarding the Other from a Distance

Working in a wide range of media from installation, film, and performance to photography, drawing, painting, and sculpture, Ariel Reichman (b. Johannesburg, 1979; lives and works in Berlin) explores differences in the concepts of reality between spaces that are commonly understood as the public sphere and one’s intimate surroundings. Reichman is in search of a liminal space that is neither.
He proposes to underline the physical and mental state of living in between outside and inside. Liminality has been the focus of Reichman’s research and artistic practice. His work unfolds multiple layers of meanings and narratives that question one’s existence in space both physical, political and conceptual. Described as ‘conceptual expressionism,’ Reichman’s art offers an unsettling contradiction that challenges one’s own physical and symbolic presence as a viewer, and yet draws one into a physical experience of the work. This book is the first monograph on the artist and presents works from the past ten years.
With essays by Bettina Steinbrügge, Hito Steyerl, and Raphael Zagury-Orly.

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