Christian Falsnaes: FORCE | DISTANZ


Christian Falsnaes


  • Editor
    Sylvia Martin
  • Language
  • Format
    20 × 27 cm
  • Features
    144 pages, 72 color images, Hardcover
  • ISBN
  • Release
    November 2018
  • Price

Interactive Performative Tableaus

The Danish artist Christian Falsnaes (b. Copenhagen, 1980; lives and works in Berlin) creates performances and multimedia installations that have enthralled international audiences. His exhibition FORCE brought together eight works in a formidable theatrical production. The title hints at central aspects of Falsnaes’s interactive art: power, authority, energy, and violence. Insistently probing the power differential between artist and spectators, Falsnaes initiates group dynamics and motivates people to perform ritual actions, but he also confronts the individual with his or her emotions, reflexes, and instincts. This book documents the eight works—each proposing a different model of interplay between the artist and his audience—in numerous photographs and video stills. With essays by Sebastian Baden, Kai van Eikels, Christian Janecke, Sylvia Martin, and Vanessa Joan Müller and a preface by Katia Baudin.

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