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Eko Nugroho

Contaminated Complaints

  • Editor
    Matthias Arndt, Tiffany Wood Arndt, Adelina Luft
  • Language
  • Format
    24 × 29 cm
  • Features
    176 pages, 150 color images, Hardcover with dust jacket
  • ISBN
  • Release
    November 2019
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“An artist lives not only in a world of fantasy, but also in reality.”

Incorporating an unusual variety of influences, the work of Eko Nugroho (b. Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 1977; lives and works in Yogyakarta) envisions art as a participative process. Meandering between street art, traditional crafts, theater, comic strips, painting, and sculpture, the artist articulates a gentle yet insistent political critique. To convey his ideas, he marshals pink composite beings, lizard-like creatures, and infantile monsters that suggest the neoliberal alienation of our globalized society. Inventively mixing a range of media, Nugroho scrutinizes the structures of Indonesian society, visions of urban life, or forms of intergenerational community. Nugroho’s presentation in the Indonesian pavilion at the 55th Venice Biennale first brought him to the attention of European audiences.

Nugroho’s second monograph documents his creative evolution over the past eight years and is the first book to include the numerous collaborative side projects on which he worked with the curator Enin Supriyanto. With an essay by Lisa Catt, a series of explanatory notes, a conversation with the artist by Matthias Arndt, and a foreword by Adelina Luft.

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