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Julio Ernesto Herrera Flores


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    21 × 30 cm
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    136 pages, 31 color images and 29 b/w images, Hardcover
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    October 2019
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Elements toward a Comprehensive Portrait of Our World

Julio Ernesto Herrera Flores (b. El Salvador, 1977; lives and works in Düsseldorf) studied painting with Helmut Federle at the Düsseldorf Academy of Fine Arts. His artist’s book Vortex is imbued with a distinctive intensity by the acceleration and deceleration of geometric structures. The basic motifs, lozenge and triangle, are first subjected to a seminal linear and planar segmentation and then lent dynamic energy by lightning-fast motion. The resulting wedge-shaped agglomeration evolves into a vertically organized texture of interpenetrating iridescent spikes that are the main motif of the titular vortex. The geometric structures contrast with photographs of the Selva jungle, the city of São Paulo, and the Rosetta space mission. The compilation of pictures unfolds a kaleidoscopic vision of our world and inspires reflections and emotions whose shared tenor is the calm embrace of the present moment. Seeking to lend the traveler’s evanescent impressions duration and grasp the essence of a time and place, it purposes a virtual conservation of aesthetic experience. The juxtaposition of photographs and abstract painting opens up new dimensions, revealing unexpected associations and interconnections. Illustrations only.


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