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Katja Pudor


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    21 × 28 cm
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    80 pages, 60 color images, Softcover
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    March 2020
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Archeologist of the Present Day

Katja Pudor (born 1965 in Berlin, where she also lives and works) is interested in shifting historical meaning. In her drawings, prints, and installations, she examines the archaeological layers of our everyday and media cultures. For the series Protocols of remembering (2019), she refers to two illustrated books on the architecture and urban planning of the former GDR. Through layering, Pudor examines and transfers the depicted examples of characteristic GDR modernism from the books, which used to be popular government gifts. In doing so, she creates visually dense palimpsests that are rich in content: overprinting, reshaping, and overpainting are the artist’s principal stylistic elements.

The publication Protocols documents Pudor’s layering process and thereby exposes the potential of her layered prints and drawings. With a text by Birgit Effinger.

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