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Privatzugang / Private Access

Private Art Collections in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

  • Editor
    Skadi Heckmüller
  • Language
    German and English edition
  • Format
    15 × 21 cm
  • Features
    336 pages, 140 color images, Softcover
  • ISBN
  • Release
    August 2019
  • Price

A Guidebook-Format Who’s Who of Private Art Collections

There is probably one nearby: all over the world, art collectors have installed their private treasures in homes and apartments designed or converted for this purpose. But you might never know where they are. Private Access showcases ninety private museums of contemporary and modern art in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland that are accessible to visitors, including established destinations as well as genuine insider tips: many of these collections did not open their doors until recently and have not yet caught the attention of the wider public.
The pocket-sized book featuring numerous color illustrations is a highly informative combination of museum and travel guide. Private Access not only presents exciting glimpses of very different art collections and biographical sketches of the collectors; it also describes the architecture of the buildings and spotlights unusual features of the art on display. Up-to-date addresses, opening hours, admission fees, information on how to get there, and other details of interest collected in a color-coded special section helps you plan your visit. With recommendations on fine dining and the best coffee in the neighborhood and notes on other art highlights nearby, the book promises unforgettable experiences.

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