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Stella Geppert

Scores and Sculpture

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    16.5 × 23 cm
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    128 pages, 55 color images, Hardcover
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    April 2019
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“In My Mind, Conversations Have Architectonic Forms …”

Stella Geppert (lives and works in Berlin and Halle) is a sculptor and performance artist. Sculpture, she believes, is a mode of inquiry into the interrelations between body, space, and movement. Putting the focus on social interaction, she scrutinizes both verbal and nonverbal communication as a sculptural event, devising ways in her work to blur the line between practices of form-making and performative strategies. “I regard sculptural creation as a process that emerges from the prevalent bodily actions and behaviors in spaces as well as architectonic relationships, that motivates movements and engenders images.”

This book offers the first extensive documentation of the process-based spatial experiments that Stella Geppert has realized since 2015 as part of her sculpture Hieroglyphendeckeand presents selected drawings created during the various performances she has staged in the sculptural construction. With essays by Maren Butte and Ludwig Seyfarth.

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