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Thomas Zipp


  • Editor
    Dr. Nadia Ismail, Kunsthalle Gießen
  • Language
  • Format
    21 × 28 cm
  • Features
    352 pages, 208 color images, Hardcover
  • ISBN
  • Release
    December 2020
  • Price

Deconstructed Value Systems and Human Psychograms

In his work, Thomas Zipp (born 1966 in Heppenheim; lives and works in Berlin) examines tensions between the individual and the group, and between the self and the collective. His oeuvre includes complex installations and performances as well as painting, drawing, and sculpture. Zipp is one of the most prominent representatives of contemporary art—along with solo exhibitions at the Fridericianum Kassel and participation in the Biennale di Venezia, and the Berlin Biennale, he has been included in group exhibitions at the Tate Modern London, the New York MoMA, and the ZKM Karlsruhe.

Starting point for this extensive catalog was Zipp’s show at Kunsthalle Gießen (2018). The exhibition catalog documents this extensive installation and performance; it includes works from the past 10 years. Four essays written from different perspectives supplement the richly illustrated book. In his text the psychoanalyst Dr. August Ruhs examines the work of Thomas Zipp against the background of his own profession. The art journalist and curator Gesine Borcherdt gives a broad overview of the artistic work from its beginnings up to the present day, while the curator Dr. Zdenek Felix focuses on the performative quality in Thomas Zipp’s work. In her essay Nadia Ismail, Director of the Kunsthalle Gießen and editor of the book, speaks about the auratic effect of rooms. The catalog’s multiple perspectives allow for participation in Thomas Zipp’s intense oeuvre, something many of his works both enable and demand. 



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