textura performativa 5

Systeme zeichnerisch durchbrechen

Katrin von Lehmann works on the interface between art and science. Grappling with theories and methods from the natural sciences and ideas in the history of science, von Lehmann develops sets of performative rules and techniques that define her artistic practice, creating pierced, perforated, and folded drawings and photographs and expansive installations.

Textura performativa 5 offers comprehensive insight into von Lehmann’s output of the past nine years, showcasing three series she has produced since 2012 in connection with residencies at research institutions dedicated to the natural sciences and the history of science: Looking at Diversity 2012–14, Blackboard Drawing 2014/15, and Proxy from the project Empty Space of the Unknown/Nothing Is Right Now (since 2015). The works translate questions of human diversity and theories and research methods from molecular genetics and climate science into artistic practice. Hanne Loreck and Hans-Jörg Rheinberger contributed essays. With a conversation between Lara Keuck and the artist and an introduction by Rahel Schrohe.

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