Alice Channer

Heavy Me­tals / Silk Cut
Kunstmuseum / Kunsthalle Appenzell

Verfremdete, widersprüchliche Materialien

Alice Channer’s (b. Oxford, 1977; lives and works in London) sculptures explore relationships between materials, bodies, machines, and industrial or technological processes. With relish, she combines her industrialized objects with human gesture or with natural traces such as physical or geological remains. Channer relentlessly juxtaposes the organic and the artificial, the biological and the industrial, weaving the traces of production processes into the language of her sculptures. She not only confronts her artistic signature with the cold aesthetics of mechanical shaping, but also points to the fragility of ecology with her seductive yet fragile exoskeletons.

Heavy Me­tals / Silk Cut is the artist’s first comprehensive monographic exhibition catalogue, published on the occasion of her solo exhibition in the two buildings of Kunstmuseum and Kunsthalle Appenzell, which features new productions as well as works from the past twelve years. With essays by Rosanna McLaughlin and Zoë Gray, an experimental text by Daisy Hildyard, and a conversation with the artist by Stefanie Gschwend, the book project invites readers to discover her process-based creative approach.

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