Aubrey Levinthal

Cloud Cover

Moods of Human Loneliness, Indeterminate Melancholy, and Radical Tenderness

Aubrey Levinthal’s (b. Philadelphia, US, 1986; lives and works in ibid.) figurative paintings capture the precarity and flux of daily life while focusing on ordinary activities such as shopping, waiting for a bus, or eating at a restaurant with friends. They are everyday observations that tell of daily life in realistic, unsentimental, and prosaic ways. They mostly express a woman’s attitude to life, determined by self-doubt and multiple role models, moving between internal and external perspectives, public and private space. The facial expressions of her characters are both cryptic and direct, moods wavering between soft frowns of introspection, elusive half-smiles, and uneasy stares.

The monograph Cloud Cover shows a cross-section of Levinthal’s works for the first time. With essays by Russell Tovey and Dorothea Zwirner.

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