Boros Collection

Bunker Berlin #4
Boros Collection

The catalogue for the fourth presentation of the collection

For its fourth exhibition, the Boros Collection presents newly acquired works in conjunction with works from the early 2000s. The twenty-seven artistic positions spread over the five floors and eighty rooms of the former Reichsbahnbunker are presented in guided tours to visitors from all over the world. Today, it is impossible to imagine the artistic landscape of Berlin without this collection, and it has become one of the most renowned private exhibition venues in the world. In GDR times, it was converted into a storage room for tropical fruits. After reunification, it housed a techno club.

The selection of positions for the fourth presentation takes stock of our current political and social situation. Rarely have we been so aware of the vulnerability of our own bodies as in recent years. Furthermore, the globally traded goods fluctuating on over-excited world markets permeated by post-colonial structures play a recurring role in the exhibition, alongside the presentation of materialities and artifacts that shape our coexistence and idea of community.

Featuring works by Jean-Marie Appriou, Julius von Bismarck, Julian Charrière, Eliza Douglas,
Thomas Eggerer, Louis Fratino, Cyprien Gaillard, Ximena Garrido-Lecca, He Xiangyu, Yngve Holen, Klára Hosnedlová, Anne Imhof, Alicja Kwade, Victor Man, Kris Martin, Nick Mauss, Jonathan Monk, Adrian Morris, Paulo Nazareth, Berenice Olmedo, Amalia Pica, Bunny Rogers, Michael Sailstorfer, Wilhelm Sasnal, Pieter Schoolwerth, Anna Uddenberg, and Eric Wesley.
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