Marc Bauer

The Blow-Up Regime

  • Editor
    Berlinische Galerie, Marc Bauer
  • Language
  • Format
    21 × 27 cm
  • Features
    208 pages, 13 color images and 101 b/w images, hardcover
  • ISBN
  • Release
    October 2020
  • Price

Zeichnungen als künstlerische Forschung

Marc Bauer (b. Geneva, 1975; lives and works in Berlin) is the winner of the 2020 GASAG Art Prize. Working in the medium of drawing, he grapples with themes such as migration, identity, and gender and articulates a critique of the new media or the nexus between religion and violence. Building on extensive research, the artist develops sprawling installations encompassing intimate works on paper, wall drawings, animations, and sound. A suggestive dramaturgy emerges that intertwines historic events and fictions and remains open to a range of interpretations. For his exhibition at the Berlinische Galerie, Marc Bauer has conceived a broad-based inquiry into the history of the Internet and its impact on society and the individual.

The accompanying catalogue presents the entire installation in detail. With texts by Guido Faßbender, Thomas Köhler, Thomas Kuratli / Pyrit, and a conversation between Sibylle Berg and Marc Bauer as well as interviews with Alan Emtage and Luca Maria Gambardella. A greeting was written by Gerhard Holtmeier.

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