Gleann Badraig

Eine Reise durch die Zeit

Acclaimed photographer Charles March (born London, 1955; lives and works in Goodwood, West Sussex) worked with Stanley Kubrick on his film Barry Lyndon before starting a successful career in commercial photography. He produced many of the great advertising campaigns of the 1980s for clients such as De Beers, Levi’s, and Marks and Spencer and worked with renowned magazines including the Italian Vogue. When the digital revolution in photography took off, he developed his own personal technique, in which he uses the camera almost like a paintbrush to create images of landscapes and nature that brim with emotion and movement. In recent years, March has turned to the sea; his series Seascape focuses on one short stretch of the Atlantic coast on the Bahamian island of Eleuthera. The images for this new series, which reads like a pictorial journey, were shot over the last five years in a single location, Gleann Badraig (Scottish Gaelic for Glen Batrick) on the sparsely populated Scottish island of Jura. March has collaborated with the well-known Scottish poet Ken Cockburn to create a book that takes the reader beyond mere photography to evoke not only the island’s atmosphere, but also the thoughts and feelings a person has in one of the world’s most remote places.

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