Christian Schwarzwald


Fusing Drawing and Graphic Art

The drawing is the medium of Christian Schwarzwald’s (b. Salzburg, Austria, 1971; lives and works in Vienna and Berlin) art. Employing a wide range of techniques, he draws on diverse image sources and harnesses aspects of reproducibility, the irritation provoked by built-in defects, and the illusion of three dimensions. Schwarzwald’s work embodies an expanded conception of graphic art: sketches, notes, artist’s editions, and paintings coalesce in ensembles in space; the individual sheet—as a signifier—is transmuted into a component of a complex semiotic system charting visual realms. Pursuing an analytical approach, Schwarzwald thus creates an encyclopedic world of drawing.

The extensive and richly illustrated volume DRAWN includes an image section as well as a chronological overview of more than 100 projects. Produced using the duplex printing process, the publication’s two-color printed pages reprise a central stylistic device of Schwarzwald’s art in the book medium. With essays by Elsy Lahner, Ann Cotten, Sebastian Egenhofer, and Marcus Steinweg.
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