Permanent Moment

Stahlbilder und Pusteblumen

Christine Liebich (b. Landshut, 1987; lives and works ibid.) creates sculptures that negotiate the dualisms of our time. Casted bronzes and wall pieces made out of bent construction steel interrogate the relationship between culture and nature. In the series Naturalistisch arbeitend, relief-like powder-coated steel dandelions become symbols of hope, strength, and confidence. Set apart by their air of fragility and graphical quality, the sculptor’s works are of spellbinding lightness and elegance. Liebich describes them as drawings in three dimensions: timeless snapshots that shimmer in the illumination of the gallery no less than in the light of the sun.

Liebich’s first monograph is published in conjunction with her exhibition at NAK Neuer Aachener Kunstverein, Aachen. The book offers comprehensive insight into the artist’s practice and documents the genesis and installation of the exhibition. With essays by Maurice Funken, Ben Kaufmann, and Renate Puvogel.
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