Michel Majerus

On Aluminium

Game Boy als Bildfinder

The Luxembourgish painter Michel Majerus (1967–2002) was one of the first artists who conceived his works in Adobe Photoshop. He used the software to sample figures and typography from videogames and advertising graphics. He also borrowed from more recent art history, and especially from the oeuvre of the master of Pop art, Andy Warhol. Starting in 1996, Majerus made works for which he used off-the-shelf aluminum panels as support media, combining them in relief-like wall pictures and installations. He also shifted from the manual application of paint on the canvas to silkscreen printing, a change of technique that irreversibly altered the trajectory of his creative development.

This book offers the first comprehensive documentation of the ensemble, complemented by conversations of the author Jan Tumlir with the artists Jorge Pardo, Laura Owens, and Jordan Wolfson about Majerus’s art.
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