Monica Bonvicini


Monica Bonvicini (b. Venice, 1965; lives and works in Berlin) engages with the manifestations of existing gender relations and social orders within the aesthetics and architectures of the public and private spheres. Her work oscillates between a language inspired by commercial objects and an aesthetic of cool elegance borrowed from minimalism.

The edition is a 3D-printed padlock. Found in tourist hot spots all over the world, such locks are often used as a symbol to evoke and capture the unending love of two people. This inseparability is further highlighted by the act of throwing away the key. Bonvicini’s lock, on the other hand, is dysfunctional. It would break if you tried to open it. Bonvicini humorously parodies this kitschy ritual in her reversal of the message: LOVE NEVER WIN.

Books of the artist