Oliver Mark

no show

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    23.5 × 29 cm
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    268 pages, 200 color images and b/w images, softcover
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    April 2019
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„Ein gutes Porträt fängt Energie ein...“

Oliver Mark (b. 1963; lives and works in Berlin) is a master portraitist. His photographs of human beings tell stories of the seemingly familiar as seen from unwonted angles; through superimposition, doubling, fragmentation, partitioning, they often reveal more than either the subjects or the photographer meant to disclose. Expertly staged snapshots subject the sitters to painstaking analysis and limn his or her role in society. A collector of human types, Mark has an unerring flair for that special instant. The long list of illustrious people who have sat for his camera includes actors and actresses like Cate Blanchett, Anthony Hopkins, and Ben Kingsley; directors; musicians; philosophers; politicians like Angela Merkel and Joachim Gauck; designers; aristocrats; and, again and again, visual artists. To browse no show is to flip through a who’s who of the global art world, with formidable portraits of creative minds from Fernando Botero, Louise Bourgeois, Richard Serra, and Luc Tuymans to Katharina Grosse, Isa Melsheimer, Douglas Gordon, Alicja Kwade, and many more. 

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