Oh, How I’ve Tried

The Rivalry between Nature and Culture

Susanne Kutter’s (b. Wernigerode, 1971; lives and works in Berlin) art spans a range of media including installation and performance art, sculpture, photography, and video. Her multimedia works probe the relation between nature and culture, with a focus on natural disasters. She portrays man’s dominance over nature as well as his dependence on it, which foils his desire for continuity and safety.

In addition to the nature–culture complex, the exhibition Stille im Auge des Zyklons at Marburger Kunstverein delves into the changes in Western society: the withering of lasting and profound relationships and the vanishing of an educated middle class whose life has been informed by the model of compromise and a preference for choices and conduct that have been sources of social stability. The catalogue Oh, How I’ve Tried … with an essay by Gregor Jansen is published on occasion of the exhibition.

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