Timo Kube


Materials in the Flow of Time

Among the recurring elements in Timo Kube’s (b. Harsewinkel, 1977; lives and works in London) art are minerals like chalk and clay as well as a variety of synthetic materials, which he often finds in public settings or in nature. What can we say about their origins? How do the changes they undergo affect the stories they tell us? How do they exist in time, and how does time inhabit them? Kube thinks his materials in their multifaceted quality and in relation to human perceptions and life—conditions change, new connections and compositions emerge. Kube’s objects and wall pieces investigate the aesthetic characteristics of selected substances, an applied materials science he intertwines with a distinctive ethic of sustainability: rather than discarding raw materials, he feeds them back into the cycle of his creative process.

This practice extends into the physicality and design of the book. Made using a number of different papers, it offers a range of visual and tactile experiences. Sensibilities is the first monograph on Timo Kube’s oeuvre. With essays by Christian Berger, Rebecca Lewin, and Robert Luzar.

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