International Institute for General Survey, Vol. 1

General surveying

Valentin Beinroth (b. Stuttgart, 1974; lives and works in Frankfurt/Main) combines artistic techniques with strategies from the natural sciences. His works focus on standardizations and facts of convention such as units of measurement and other systems of order that both regulate and condition social relations and people’s perceptions of their world. Beinroth, who was on the science track in high school and graduated from the Offenbach University of Art and Design (HfG), challenges the primacy of ostensibly objective scientific ways of making sense of the world by incorporating specifically scientific aesthetics into his creative practice and intertwining them with personal perspectives and experiences.

The book is published on occasion of the tenth anniversary of the International Institute for General Survey (IIfGS), which Beinroth helped found in 2012, and includes a history of the institute’s early years as well as a wealth of information on research projects and expeditions.
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